Lina enjoyed

During the rhythm be the same, our body underside like the compound, then sank, wobbled increasingly fast, increasingly fast, then again slow. We did not replace the position, with one position then we roamed various buana that morning. After the climax, we stayed embracing. Penisku still in her vagina embrace that was full of the liquid. Felt my back of a little pain, apparently Lina’s nail menggoreskan the memory there. There is several of our minutes merged in the desire that began to be felt warm in the heart. We embraced old in this position. Left alone by me Lina enjoyed the hammock of the rest of her orgasm until afterwards was overturned by me the position so that Lina’s chest is rather relieved. Caressed by me Lina’s hair that was wet by sweat, her face was sad with the remnants of satisfaction.

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